Neck Pain Treatments

Potential causes of neck pain have become more common over time, making visits to a chiropractor more important than ever. At Pompano Beach Chiropractic Clinic in Pompano Beach, FL, we aim to remove the causes of neck pain as well as ease symptoms, so we’ll want to help the patient improve their lifestyle and determine what the cause of their pain may be.

Neck Pain Causes 

Arthritis can cause chronic neck pain when it affects the joints in the cervical spine. Osteoarthritis is caused by wear and tear, and it's one of the most common forms of arthritis to affect the neck. 

Some people suffer from recurring neck pain as a result of their job or lifestyle habits. They may look down or stare to the side at a screen, but not directly in front of them. Ultimately, this places unhealthy pressure on the neck. 

For some individuals, the cause of the neck pain is a sprain, which is soft tissue damage, and it's caused by whiplash. It most often occurs during a rear-end collision but can be the result of a sports injury or physical assault. Poor posture is another potential cause of neck pain. 

Diagnosing Neck Pain

At our Pompano Beach, FL, clinic, our practitioner will begin your examination by asking you about your pain, such as when you experience it, what your other symptoms are, and what activities tend to worsen the pain. During your evaluation, our chiropractor will also inquire about your medical history and your own theories about possible causes. 

Sometimes, our practitioner may need to order imaging to get a glimpse of what's happening inside your neck. 

Treating Neck Pain 

Neck pain is a generalized term, and unfortunately, a common problem. And just because you have neck pain doesn't mean you'll have the same problem as the last person with neck pain. Therefore, this means you may need a completely different treatment, and our practitioner is dedicated to carefully assessing and determining the ideal treatment for your situation. Our specialist also believes that chiropractic care grows with you. In other words, your treatment may change as you heal to better accommodate your needs. 

For instance, some of our patients receive chiropractic cervical adjustments, which are ones that specifically focus on the neck and its nervous system function. In some cases, you may receive exercise therapy - a treatment consisting of you being guided through stretches that work the soft tissue in your neck, promoting healing and optimizing function and flexion. 

When you visit Dr. Cheshire in Pompano Beach, FL, at Pompano Beach Chiropractic Clinic for neck pain you'll undergo a comprehensive assessment to assure you receive the care that's right for you. You may receive one or more treatments geared toward healing. 

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