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I will be forever grateful for what Dr. Jason did for me through NAET.  After years of suffering with serious gut issues and food allergies, these treatments have made a huge difference in how I feel and what I can eat. I am now eating foods that I always had reactions to, thus giving my body the nutrients it was missing, yet desperately needing to be healthy.

 The treatments are very relaxing, totally non-invasive, and actually quite interesting! And as a bonus, you get 15 minutes of peace and quiet at the end.

 What I loved is that this process treats the cause, and not just symptoms. I liken it to rebooting the body so that it doesn’t respond negatively to foods, environmental factors, or any other stressors, making the avoidance of allergens no longer necessary.

 He explained everything all the way through, and supplementation with all natural products was discussed, so I could continue rebuilding my system.

 I cannot express in words how grateful I am to Dr. Jason for giving me my freedom back! How does NAET work? I really have no idea…but I love the results!


Nancy F.



For three years I had to deal with a red spot and rash on my eyelids which was sore, itching, irritating and just uncomfortable to deal with.

During this time period I went to my general MD, my eye doctor and two different Dermatologists, I was told to change to all natural soaps and creams, I was asked to go without my contacts for 3-4 months, nothing really worked. At one point I was given a steroid cream and that would provide some minor relief and would clear up the rash some, but I wasn’t supposed to use it every day and that was the only way it would provide any kind of relief. Once I stop the cream the rash would just come right back.


Then I met Dr. Jason and he talked to me about the N.A.E.T. treatment, I was very skeptical when I heard about N.A.E.T. but I was willing to try anything at this point, three years is a long time to deal with a red itching rash on your eyelids. The treatments are very easy to go through and not very time consuming. All I had to do after each treatment was avoid certain foods or materials for a 24 hour period. I saw improvement after the very first treatment and my eyelids had completely cleared up after just three treatments, No rash, No red spot, No itch. I was really amazed and impressed. After three years of searching for an answer I was forced to think out of the box and N.A.E.T. easily cured my condition. That was approximately 5 years ago and there has not been any recurrences at all, my eyelids and clear and itch free.


I am very grateful to Dr. Jason and N.A.E.T. for such great results.


Kevin L.

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